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  • 8 Reasons to visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market

    February 17, 2015

    Hola Amigos – Cal31 went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to browse the scene, discover new product ideas and, well, to have fun…and fun it was! We highly recommend you put this wonderful event on your to do list for whenever you are in the LA area...and here are the 8 reasons why:

    1. Deals: How about ultra stylish and totally unique sunglasses for $30, a vintage baseball bat from 1963 for $5 or an antique upholstery chair plus ottoman for $300? Yes, it is right here at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

    2. Unique Products: One of a kind tiles featuring classic books & comics? You got it. Vintage motorbike from the 40s? No problem. Things you didn’t even know existed? Well, of course. The Rose Bowl flea market has got it all.

    3. Inspiration: Ever wanted to get lost in the moment, forget about your every day life and be inspired? Well, 3,000 eclectic sellers and on average 20K buyers who range from hippy to hipster and from welfare to million or will help you get there.

    4. Soul Food: Delicious breakfast burritos, por favor? The delightful Mexican vendors at the Rose Bowl serve the real deal…spicy and yummy!

    5. Entertainment: Next to the sellers, there are numerous music acts who sweeten the experience by giving accaplla performances or saxophone solos - excellent artists!

    6. Tan: The Rose Bowl is located in Pasadena. Yes, that is inland and about 15 degrees hotter than it is at the beaches..plus there is solid sun exposure, so be prepared or leave with a solid tan on the house.

    7. Scenic: Pasadena boarders the San Gabriel Mountains, witch is exactly what you see in the background while you shop the Flea Market…just magnificent.

    8. Inexpensive: Well, the whole experience costs $8 admission per head and parking is free…no brainer.

    We hope this has gotten you excited!? If so the Flea Market is happening every 2nd Sunday each month at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. For a full list of event dates, simply go here: Rose Bowl Flea Market  

    Take it easy and life the live you love…:-)

     The Rose Bowl Flea Market 

    The Rose Bowl Flea MarketThe Rose Bowl Flea Market