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  • Mishe Mokwa Trail - Santa Monica Mountains

    September 13, 2014

    OK everybody. Have you ever hiked the Mishe Mokwa Trail up to Sandstone Peak? No? Hmm, you better get on that quickly. Why? Well, good question…

    First of all, cruising along the PCH and catching the morning breeze is already sweet in itself, but once you hit the actual trail - ideally around 7am'ish - you get magnificent vistas of just about everything that makes California unique. 

    Want specifics? The view from Mishe Mokwa pairs the vastness of the Pacific Ocean with the tranquil yet amazing beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains. Then there's Balance Rock followed by Inspiration Point which is right before you reach your ultimate destination - the highest point of the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,111’ altitudeyep, totally worth it. 

    Any doubts? Check out the pics below and then give yourself a treat, take the Mishe Mokwa Trail up to Sandstone Peak. Have fun and remember…Live the life you love!